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Monday, January 3, 2011

Rookie of the year breakdown by Mason Scheer!

Flippy Sh!t
Brent Masters & Mat Fitchett
Debut: January 2010

What seemed like a random pairing at first, this team quickly came to dominate the tag team division, and are the sitting number one contenders. While Brent Masters is no stranger to ACW, his partnership with Mat Fitchett was brand new this year, and brought some of his greatest success. The team that always delights the crowd with their amazing aerial agility, many forget that these two have only been teaming for under a year. With wins over heavy favorites, as well as impressive individual outings, is the team of Brent Masters & Mat Fitchett, collectively known as Flippy Sh!t, the Rookie of the Year?

Big Ricky
Debut: April 2010

The former first Pope of professional wrestling, Big Ricky made two different names for himself this year. After starting this year off under careful guidance, Ricky soon broke free and decided his own path to glory. While he might come across as easy going, he has no problem throwing his opponent halfway across the ring if need be. And all the while, the crowd still from time to time will ask Big Ricky to bless them. After starting this year as a tag specialist, Ricky is looking to wear gold in his second year with ACW. Is Big Ricky the Rookie of the Year?

Team Sex
“High Roller” Hayze & “Playboy” Johnny Axle
Debut: April 2010

The team that embodies sex. Hayze and Axle went through a few incarnations before they found a set that finally mashed. Team Sex spent most of their first year in ACW feuding with and focusing on one single man: Slim Sexy. Team Sex has made it clear that they want to make Slim Sexy’s life a living hell. But Team Sex is not just all talk. The team was able to lure in Amanda Fox, and a strong team has been established, even if the crowd loves to chant “Asshole” at Johnny Axle. Is Team Sex the Rookie of Year?

Slim Sexy
Debut: April 2010

He’s slim. He’s sexy. He’s Slim Sexy. Very few people made immediate impact like Slim Sexy in his freshman year at ACW. While he might have been the target of Team Sex most of the year, Slim found a partner in Just Willie to combat the two. Slim also made quite a name for himself elsewhere this year. Sexy qualified for the Lonestar Classic, and eliminated heavy favorite Awesome Andy from the tournament. Many have fallen victim to the Fat Man Crossbody, and several more will in the coming years. Is Slim Sexy the Rookie of the Year for ACW?

“Five Star” Amanda Fox
Debut: May 2010

One of the youngest wrestlers in ACW history, and everything she does is 5 Star. Amanda Fox quickly asserted herself in the Joshi division, mixing things up with Lady Poison and Athena. Amanda Fox showed no fear about getting into the ring with people debuted when she was still in grade school. Her biggest win of her career came just recently, when she eliminated former WWE Diva Serena Deeb from the 6 Joshi Tag Match this past December. Her star has just started to shine, and it promises to shine bright. Is “Five Star” Amanda Fox the Rookie of the Year?

Jen Alise
Debut: August 2010

The newest Joshi added to the division late this year, Jen Alise instantly made her presence felt in ACW. Taking on all challenges, Jen Alise added an extra layer of strength and intensity to the Joshi division. Jen Alise came within inches of taking the Joshi Championship away from Portia Perez this past October, if not for careful distractions that benefitted the champion. Jen Alise is a hungry contender, who promises to be a strong contender for the Joshi Championship in the coming year ahead. Is Jen Alise the Rookie of the Year for ACW?

“The Beast” Franco D’Angelo
Debut: September 2010

We first saw a glimpse of Franco D’Angelo earlier this year, when he helped massacre “Mr. Showtime” in the center of the ring. He was quickly noticed by Spiro, and added into the ranks of the new Takeover. Part of a group that supports “real wrestlers” and “real athletes”, D’Angelo quickly put the rest of the ACW roster on notice. With impressive agility for a man his size, matched with phenomenal strength, very few have been on Franco’s bad side and lived to tell about it. With the Takeover prime to take over ACW, who can stop “The Beast”? Is Franco D’Angelo the Rookie of the Year?

Debut: September 2010

The big man spent this year filling a much needed void. Several teams recruited his services as the big man anchor for the team. It’s a role he took to very well. KA$H was fierce in the ring this year, dropping even the toughest of foes down to the mat. He took on any threat that came his way, defending his teammates from all sorts of danger. A highly sought after prospect, KA$H looks to ring in the years ahead with more success. Is KA$H the 2010 Rookie of the Year for ACW?

Joey Figueroa
Debut: June 2010

Originally a tag team expert, Joey Figueroa debuted as a tag team with Big Ricky. While the crowd grew to love Big Ricky, the crowd instead turned on Figueroa, nearly booing him out of the building. The cool and cocky attitude has not endeared him to many, but it got results. Now, Joey Figueroa has emerged on his own, and looking to soon wear gold around his waist. With an even mix of strength and speed, is Joey Figueroa the Rookie of the Year?

“McLovin” Jeff the Ref
Debut: January 2010

The boss might not like it, but no list of standout rookies is complete without our very own ninja referee. Under the watchful eye of Evan Gelistico and ACH, Jeff the Ref morphed into the suave and sophisticated referee that we know today. When he’s not calling matches fairly down the middle however, Jeff has found an enemy in Darin Childs. Stunners and staple guns, haircuts and chokeholds, these two unlikely enemies have feuded for the better part of the year, with little end in sight. But don’t get on his bad side: McLovin throws a mean armdrag. Is Jeff the Ref the Rookie of the Year?

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