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Monday, January 3, 2011

Comback of the year breakdown by Mason Scheer

“Cowboy” James Claxton
Debut: December 2006

This former South Texas Redneck is an original Anarchist. After debuting strong in tag team action, Claxton would not be seen in ACW again for over three years. But when he returned, he came back strong. After a few months of getting back into the swing of things, he was quickly recruited by the newly invigorated Spiro. Spiro, impressed by the size and strength of Claxton, added him to his ranks for the new Takeover. Claxton, along with Jaykus Plisken and Franco D’Angelo, have been on a tear in recent months, establishing themselves as the alpha dogs in ACW. The Takeover has impressive wins over established teams like the Lost Boys and Just Sexy, while making their mark against all those who they deem to be “fake athletes”. After almost a three year absence, the Cowboy never looked like he skipped a beat. Is James Claxton the Comeback of the Year?

“Enigma” Skylar Skelly
Debut: December 2006

A former two time Tag Team Champion, a former two time World Hardcore Champion, and the winner of the 2008 Lethal Lottery, the land of Anarchy greatly missed Skylar Skelly. An original Anarchist, Skelly was always a force to be reckoned with, in both the singles and tag division. In August of this year, the Children of Pain included a fifth mystery member. One of the worst kept secrets resulted in the triumphant return of the former “Enigma”. Skelly follows his team closely, yet is not quite on the same page with their dastardly deeds. Nevertheless, Skelly is viewed as a mentor figure to the newer members of the Children of Pain, helping craft both the Lost Boys and Khris Wolf into finely tuned wrecking machines. But even through it all, Skylar Skelly has never lost his smile. The man with all the credentials is finally back home in ACW. Is Skylar Skelly the Comeback of the Year?

“Infamous” Shawn Vexx
Debut: June 2007

In July of this year, Shawn Vexx lost the ACW Heavyweight Championship. But not without a fight. In the first few minutes of the match, the man they call “Infamous” broke his arm. While lesser men would have quit, he fought on for another 20 minutes, fighting to keep his ACW Championship. While Vexx left the ring to heal his injury, he quickly found a home in the commentary booth. From a perch over the ring, Vexx watched as Darin Childs pointed to his arm, almost mocking Vexx and his broken arm. By October of that year, Vexx had finally said enough. In the middle of an intense brawl involving the entire roster, Shawn Vexx made his return, and immediately took out Darin Childs to return the favor. Vexx is now passion personified, hungry for revenge. Refusing to quit and never giving up, is Shawn Vexx the Comeback of the Year?

Debut: September 2007

Dingo was last seen in ACW in July of 2009. Dingo took on “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers in a vicious dog collar match, which left the crowd on their feet. It would be over a year before Dingo would step foot inside a wrestling ring again, and only just recently. In the last show of 2010 for ACW, Dingo made his return in spectacular fashion. In the six man scramble for the Anarchy Televised Championship, Dingo made it very clear to every inside the ring and out: He was back, and better than ever. Viewed as the glue the holds the Submission Squad together, Dingo has been very influential to younger members of the roster, including Davey Vega who sees Dingo as his personal mentor. With Dingo back in the ring, how long will it be before he wears gold around his waist? Is Dingo the Comeback of the Year?

Nathan Sinn
Debut: July 2007

Nathan Sinn might be low on a few people’s radars, but that should quickly change. The former ACW Tag Team Champion made his return to ACW in April of this year, with a new tag team partner in tow. Nathan Sinn and Danny Gee challenged for the Tag Team Championship at Mr. Showtime’s Birthday Bash, and came within inches of upsetting the champions. Sinn and his young partner have been working their way through the tag team ranks, starting at the bottom and working their way up to success. People might underestimate Nathan Sinn, but he has all the tools necessary to surprise people. Is Nathan Sinn the Comeback of the Year?

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