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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wrestler of The Year Breakdown! by Mason Scheer

“Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers

-Defeated by The Submission Squad (Tag with Jerry Lynn, Lost Tag Team Championship)
-Defeated Jimmy Jacobs
-Defeated Masada & Jaykus Plisken (Tag with Jerry Lynn)
-Defeated by JT LaMotta (Also involving Arik Cannon and Khris Wolf)
-Defeated by Darin Childs & The Lost Boys (Tag with Khris Wolfe, Brent Masters & Matt Fitchett)
-Draw with JT LaMotta
-Defeated by JT LaMotta
-Defeated Darin Childs (New ACW Heavyweight Champion)
-Defeated Mike Dell (Career vs. Career Title Match)
-Defeated Spiro
-Defeated Evan Gelistico
-Defeated Jaykus Plisken
-Defeated Darin Childs, Skylar Skelly & Jaykus Plisken (Tag with Slim Sexy & Matthew Palmer)
-Defeated Berry Breeze, Austin Rhodes, JC Bravo, Skylar Skelly, and Matthew Palmer
-Defeated by Robert Evans (Lost ACW Heavyweight Championship)
-Draw with MASADA
-Defeated by Darin Childs

“Mr. Showtime” has been the face of Anarchy since the very beginning. The inaugural champion reclaimed the ACW Championship this year, immediately challenging the newly crowned Darin Childs in a blood feud that stretched throughout the year. Before winning back the ACW Heavyweight Championship, Summers battled with JT LaMotta, but was unable to pick up a victory over a series of battles. But the big story for “Showtime” this year was the Career vs. Career match against Mike Dell. Two icons of Anarchy, Summers secured the win, and banished “One Man” from the ACW ring. Showtime was not able to end the year as champion, losing the belt to Robert Evans this past November. With wins over Mike Dell, Jaykus Plisken, and Jimmy Jacobs, is “Mr. Showtime” the ACW Wrestler of the Year?  


-Defeated by Jerry Lynn & Scot Summers (Tag with Jaykus Plisken)
-Defeated Jimmy Jacobs
-Defeated ACH
-Defeated Chris Hero
-Defeated Davey Vega
-Defeated Khris Wolf
-Defeated Gary Jay
-Defeated by Jimmy Jacobs (Also involving JT LaMotta and JC Bravo)
-Draw with Scot Summers
-Draw with Robert Evans

MASADA has been World Hardcore Champion since October of 2009, but not from a lack of worthy challengers. Multiple challengers stepped up to the plate this year to prove themselves, but were ultimately a victim to the painful skewers. MASADA and Jimmy Jacobs closed out the May extravaganza with a Hardcore Championship defense that was one for the ages. Just a few months later, MASADA vs. Hero II went above and beyond expectations, and showcased two of the best in the world. While he might not have the most number of matches this year, each one has been more than enough to make up for it. Is the Big Japan Superstar the ACW Wrestler of the Year?

Robert Evans

-Defeated Darin Childs
-Defeated by Shawn Vexx (Also including Gary Jay and Darin Childs)
-Defeated Davey Vega (Win Vacant U-30 Championship)
-Defeated Darin Corbin
-Defeated Jaykus Plisken
-Defeated Mat Fitchet
-Defeated Delirious
-Defeated by ACH (Lost U-30 Championship)
-Defeated Jessica James
-Defeated Matthew Palmer
-Defeated Scot Summers (New ACW Heavyweight Champion)
-Defeated Super Electro
-Defeated Jimmy Jacobs
-Draw with MASADA

No matter who was put in front of him, the Monarch of ACW prevailed. Superstars from Ring of Honor and CHIKARA tried, but they were unable to wrestle away the U-30 Championship from “The Essence of Excellence”. Even ACH, the man who eventually dethroned the king, had to pull out everything he had. But Robert Evans was undeterred. He eventually set his sights on the ACW Heavyweight Championship, and did the unthinkable by making “Mr. Showtime” tap out in the center of the ring. But Robert Evans did not do this all alone. The Electronic Luchador Super Electro was behind him, and the ACW Joshi Champion Portia Perez was around his arm. The man with self-blessed “Divine Right”, is Robert Evans the Wrestler of the Year?

Matthew Palmer

-Defeated by Mike Dell (Triple Threat also involving Spiro)
-Defeated Mike Dell & Spiro (Tag with Jaykus Plisken)
-Defeated by Shawn Vexx (Also involving JT LaMotta and El Generico)
-Defeated by Mike Dell, Spiro, Super-Electro, Khris Wolfe & Darin Childs (Tag with ACH, Shawn Vexx, Jaykus Plisken & Brent Masters)
-Defeated by Spiro (Also involving Junior Garza and Jaykus Plisken)
-Defeated by Super Electro & Spiro (Tag with Jaykus Plisken)
-Defeated JT LaMotta
-Defeated Jaykus Plisken
-Defeated by Robert Evans
-Defeated Darin Childs, Skylar Skelly & Jaykus Plisken (Tag with Slim Sexy & Scot Summers)
-Defeated JC Bravo
-Defeated by Scot Summers (also involving Berry Breeze, Austin Rhodes, JC Bravo, and Skylar Skelly)
-Defeated Delirious and Jimmy Jacobs (Lonestar Classic First Round)
-Defeated Mat Fitchett (Lonestar Classic Semifinal)
-Defeated Evan Gelistico (Lone Star Classic Champion 2010)
-Defeated Davey Vega, Mat Fitchett, and Awesome Andy
-Defeated Skylar Skelly

In January of this year, Matthew Palmer was off everyone’s radar. He ended 2009 by being ejecting from The Takeover, and beaten within an inch of his life. But Palmer would not stay down. He battled his way back, and fought valiantly against The Takeover. But when Jaykus Plisken betrayed Palmer, something changed inside him. “The Centerfold” was gone, and “The Son of Anarchy” was born. A different side of Matthew Palmer, a more aggressive Matthew Palmer, and a determined Matthew Palmer. Considered the underdog of the night, Matthew Palmer battled his way through the Classic, defeating Evan Gelistico in the finals to win the 5th Lonestar Classic. A man many wrote off in the beginning of the year, Matthew Palmer has the opportunity of a lifetime. Is this new aggressive Palmer the Wrestler of the Year?


-Defeated JT LaMotta
-Defeated Chris Preston, Kid Camacho & The Lost Boys (Tag with Court Caution, Khris Wolfe & Brent Masters)
-Defeated Awesome Andy
-Defeated by Gary Jay & Davey Vega (Elimination Tag with Court Caution also involving Flippy Sh!t and RAJETT)
-Defeated by MASADA
-Defeated by Mike Dell, Spiro, Super-Electro, Khris Wolfe & Darin Childs (Tag with Shawn Vexx, Matthew Palmer, Jaykus Plisken & Brent Masters)
-Defeated Arik Cannon
-Defeated by The Children of Pain (Tag with Colin Delaney, Mat Fitchett & Brent Masters)
-Defeated Robert Evans (New U-30 Champion)
-Defeated Pierre Abernathy
-Defeated Akira Tozawa
-Defeated JC Bravo
-Defeated Darin Childs (Barefoot Thumbtacks Match)
-Defeated by Jason Silver, Darin Childs, Skylar Skelly, Khris Wolfe, Joey Figueroa & Sky Ryder (Tag with Shawn Vexx, Chingo Smurf, Berry Breeze, Chris Conine & Jessica James)
-Defeated by The Submission Squad (Tag with Slim Sexy, Big Ricky & Jen Alise)
-Defeated Jason Silver

Many people pegged 2010 as the Year of the Dragon. Many of those same people can confidently say that they were right. The man who stands for Attitude, Charisma, and Heart – ACH. Continuing his undefeated streak from the previous year, ACH made his intentions known that he was aiming for the U-30 Championship. To do so, he gave Robert Evans his only one-on-one loss of the year to capture his first singles championship. ACH ends the year as U-30 Champion, but not with fights. In a potential Match of the Year, Akira Tozawa and ACH brought everyone to their feet. The year was not without struggles, but when the times started getting tough, ACH found an inspiration in Shawn Vexx. Is the defending U-30 Champion the Wrestler of the Year?

“One Man” Mike Dell

-Defeated by Shawn Vexx (Lost ACW Heavyweight Championship)
-Defeated by JT LaMotta
-Defeated Spiro and Matthew Palmer
-Defeated by Jaykus Plisken & Matthew Palmer (Tag with Spiro)
-Defeated ACH, Shawn Vexx, Matthew Palmer, Jaykus Plisken & Brent Masters (Tag with Spiro, Super-Electro, Khris Wolfe & Darin Childs)
-Defeated by Scot Summers (Career vs. Career Title Match)

ACW was built off the backs of three men. The very first main event featured “Mr. Showtime”, Jaykus Plisken, and “One Man” Mike Dell. Dell entered the year as the ACW Heavyweight Champion, but lost the strap to the hungry Shawn Vexx. The year then started to spiral a bit for “One Man”, until he made the announcement that would change ACW forever. Mike Dell vs. Scot Summers: Career vs. Career. Everyone was buzzing as the day finally came. The entire locker room poured out, watching these two lock up for the last time. In the end, Mike Dell was defeated. In one of the most emotional goodbyes in wrestling history, Mike Dell walked through the curtain for the last time. For everything he gambled, is Mike Dell the Wrestler of the Year?

JT LaMotta

-Defeated by ACH
-Defeated Mike Dell
-Defeated by Shawn Vexx
-Defeated Khris Wolfe, Scot Summers, and Arik Cannon
-Defeated by Shawn Vexx (Also involving Matthew Palmer and El Generico)
-Draw with Scot Summers
-Defeated Scot Summers
-Defeated Junior Garza
-Defeated by Matthew Palmer
-Defeated Rachel Summerlyn
-Defeated Gary Jay and Davey Vega (New Anarchy Televised Champion)
-Defeated by Jimmy Jacobs (Also involving Masada and JC Bravo)
-Defeated Super-Electro, Dingo, Gary Jay, Davey Vega, and Akira Tozawa

Something happened to JT LaMotta this year. His smile started fading, and the jovial hop in his step started slipping away. The crowds started booing him more and more. As LaMotta slipped more and more, he finally said that enough was enough. No more was the happy-go-lucky JT LaMotta. Instead came the arrogant and vicious JT LaMotta. This new and focused man quickly found gold, capturing the Anarchy Televised Championship. LaMotta also made a target of Scot Summers, taking him to a time limit draw and eventually beating him. Now, LaMotta has turned his back on the fans, choosing instead to viciously and methodically dissect his challengers. Ending the year with a big win over five challengers, is this new JT LaMotta the Wrestler of the Year?

Shawn Vexx

-Defeated Mike Dell (New ACW Heavyweight Champion)
-Defeated Robert Evans, Gary Jay, and Darin Childs
-Defeated JT LaMotta
-Defeated Junior Garza
-Defeated JT LaMotta, Matthew Palmer, and El Generico
-Defeated by Mike Dell, Spiro, Super-Electro, Khris Wolfe & Darin Childs (Tag with ACH, Matthew Palmer, Jaykus Plisken & Brent Masters)
-Defeated by Darin Childs (Lost ACW Heavyweight Championship)
-Defeated by Jason Silver, Darin Childs, Skylar Skelly, Khris Wolfe, Joey Figueroa & Sky Ryder (Tag with ACH, Chingo Smurf, Berry Breeze, Chris Conine & Jessica James)
-Defeated Khris Wolf (ACW Family Christmas Deathmatch)

It was the first main event of the year. The first ACW Heavyweight Championship match. Shawn Vexx captured the ACW Heavyweight Championship, in a victory for all the people who were told that they would never make it. Vexx quickly silenced critics that said he was a fluke, taking on all comers, sometimes all at once. But even in defeat, the man they call “Infamous” proved his heart and determination. In a match with Darin Childs, Shawn Vexx broke his arm. While many would have quit right there, Vexx battled for another 20 minutes, showing more heart than many people do their whole lives. After time away from recovery, Vexx made it known that he wants revenge against the man who broke his arm. Is this success and display of heart enough to make Shawn Vexx Wrestler of the Year?

Darin Childs

-Defeated by Robert Evans
-Defeated by Shawn Vexx (Also involving Robert Evans and Gary Jay)
-Defeated Matt Fitchett
-Defeated Chris Conine & James Claxton vs. (Tag with Sky Ryder)
-Defeated Scot Summers, Khris Wolfe, Brent Masters & Matt Fitchett (Handicap Match with Lost Boys)
-Defeated ACH, Shawn Vexx, Matthew Palmer, Jaykus Plisken & Brent Masters (Tag with Mike Dell, Spiro, Super-Electro &Khris Wolf)
-Defeated Shawn Vexx (New ACW Heavyweight Champion)
-Defeated by Scot Summers (Dog Collar Match, Lost ACW Heavyweight Championship)
-Defeated Colin Delaney, ACH, Mat Fitchett & Brent Masters (Tag with Children of Pain)
-Defeated Just Willie, Slim Sexy, & The Smurf Nation (Tag with Children of Pain)
-Defeated by Flippy Sh!t (Elimination Tag with Skylar Skelly also involving Sub-Genius League of Ass Kickers)
-Defeated The Smurf Nation (Tag with Children of Pain)
-Defeated by Slim Sexy, Matthew Palmer & Scot Summers (Tag with Skylar Skelly & Jaykus Plisken)
-Defeated by ACH (Barefoot Thumbtacks Match)
- Defeated Shawn Vexx, ACH, Chingo Smurf, Berry Breeze, Chris Conine & Jessica James (Tag with Skylar Skelly, Khris Wolfe, Joey Figueroa, Sky Ryder & Jason Silver)
-Defeated RAJETT (Tag with Skylar Skelly)
-Defeated Scot Summers

Darin Childs will remember 2010 has the year of his war with “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers. Wanting to take back the company he felt was taken from him, Childs showed an even more intense and dangerous side of himself. But he didn’t do it alone. The Children of Pain were reformed this year, this time in stable form. Childs successfully brought in the Lost Boys and Khris Wolf, as well as the returning Skylar Skelly, to dominate the ACW roster. In an emotional moment nearly 10 years in the making, Childs won his first Heavyweight Championship from Shawn Vexx, only to have the title taken away from him by Scot Summers moments later. In a year that saw Childs reach the best shape of his career, is Darin Childs the Wrestler of the Year?

Evan Gelistico

-Defeated Jerry Lynn & Scot Summers (New Tag Team Champions with Pierre Abernathy)
-Defeated The Smurf Nation (Tag with Pierre Abernathy)
-Defeated James Claxton, Just Willie, Khris Wolfe, Lillie Mae & JC Bravo (Tag with Junior Garza, Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay & Athena)
- Defeated The Smurf Nation (Texas Bullrope Match with Pierre Abernathy)
 -Defeated by The Smurf Nation (Flag Match with Pierre Abernathy & Gary Jay)
-Defeated RAJETT (Tag with Pierre Abernathy)
-Defeated by The Smurf Nation (Submission Match with Pierre Abernathy, Lost Tag Team Championship)
 -Defeated by Flippy Sh!t (Triple Threat Tag with Pierre Abernathy also involving Gary Jay & Davey Vega)
-Defeated by Scot Summers
-Defeated by Flippy Sh!t (Triple Threat Tag with Pierre Abernathy also involving RAJETT)
-Defeated Gary Jay and Pierre Abernathy (Lonestar Classic First Round)
-Defeated Davey Vega (Lonestar Classic Semifinal)
-Defeated by Matthew Palmer (Lonestar Classic Finals)
-Defeated ACH, Slim Sexy, Big Ricky & Jen Alise (Tag with Submission Squad)
-Defeated Flippy Sh!t

The Submission Squad took the Tag Team Championship at the beginning of this year, but Evan Gelistico imagined more. The Squad battled Smurf Nation in a series of intense and vicious matches, before finally losing the belts in August. But Evan Gelistico had his sights set elsewhere. As soon as the year began, Gelistico made a vow to win the Lonestar Classic, and take the entire tournament back home with him to St. Louis. And Gelistico almost did it. After forcing all members of the Submission Squad to tap to make his way to the finals, Gelistico was inched away from defeating Matthew Palmer. But Gelistico did not go quietly into the goodnight. Evan Gelistico has shown a newly aggressive side to himself, and ended the year as the inaugural St. Louis Anarchy Heavyweight Champion. The tag team specialist who can hold his own in the ring, is Evan Gelistico the Wrestler of the Year?

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