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Monday, December 27, 2010

Tag Team of the Year Breakdown by Mason Scheer

The Submission Squad
Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico

While known throughout the year as a group of 6, the main tag team of the group consisted of Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico. These two men dominated not only the tag division, but individual competition as well. They started the year with a bang, defeated “Mr. Showtime” and Jerry Lynn to capture the Tag Team Championship, and end the reign of Summers and Lynn that started in November of 2008. The Squad took on all challengers, feuding primarily with the Smurf Nation. The two teams battled back and forth under different stipulations: a Texas Bullrope Match, a Flag Match, and finally a Submission Rules match that finally ended the feud. Individually, Pierre came within an arm’s reach of winning the U-30 Championship, while Evan made it all the way to the finals of the Lonestar Classic. But as a team, these two men truly proved how dominate they were. Holding the belts for 2/3 the entire year, is the Submission Squad the Tag Team of the Year?

The Smurf Nation
JC Bravo, Berry Breeze, & Chingo Smurf

In the battle of faction warfare, no team proved to gel as easily as the Smurf Nation. These three men acted as one: the quick and agile JC Bravo, the technical and well-rounded Berry Breeze, and the hard-hitting Chingo Smurf. These three men had each other’s backs the entire year, as they feuded across the board. Their main targets were the Submission Squad, finally taking away their Tag Team Championship in August. The most impressive feat was not just defeating the seemingly unbeatable Submission Squad, but to do it under what was their specialty: Submission Rules. While JC Bravo and Chingo Smurf held Tag Team gold, Berry Breeze successfully won the Anarchy Televised Championship, leading all three Smurfs to wear gold for a short period of time. As the Smurfs end the year they are still the ACW Tag Team Champions. Does this help make the Smurf Nation the Tag Team of the Year?

Flippy Sh!t
Brent Masters & Mat Fitchett

It all started with a simple war cry. Mat Fitchett looked out into the crowd before a big dive, and asked, “Do you guys want to see some flippy shit?!” The crowd roared in delight, as Masters and Fitchett used high flying agility to overcome their opponents. Masters and Fitchett are a relatively young tag team, first tagging together in January, and sporadically after that, until the middle of the year, when the two effectively joined forces. They proved that they were able to hang with some of the best tag teams in ACW, holding their own in many encounters, showing that they belonged. The biggest win for the young team happened in September, when they defeated both the Sub-Genius League of Ass Kickers, and former ACW Tag Team Champions the Children of Pain, to earn the number one contendership for the Tag Team Championship. With a championship match in the waiting, is this new and exciting team the Tag Team of the Year?

Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team
Rachel Summerlyn & Jessica James

These two women will not settle on being merely just the best female tag team in the county. These two wrestlers want to prove that they are simply the best tag team, period. These two Joshis have wrestled together as a team across the country, and have given the teams of ACW a run for their money. While coming up short, Rachel and Jessica proved that they were to be taken seriously, even if they have a little bit of fun during the match. Their teamwork and friendship was put to the test this year, as the merging of Lady Poison and Jessica James made Rachel Summerlyn question how much Jessica knew. But the two tackled the obstacle together, like all great tag teams do. The team effectively known as Bacon and Eggs and Rachel and Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team, are Rachel and Jessica the Tag Team of the Year for 2010?

The Lost Boys
Sky Ryder & Jason Silver

The Lost Boys came into the year a bit shaky, looking to compete against the other well-established tag teams in ACW. Refusing to become lost in the shuffle, they soon found a mentor, who could train them to become the best – The Children of Pain. Darin Childs brought this team under his wing, helping craft them into future champions. When Skylar Skelly returned to the group, the former Tag Team Champions taught the Lost Boys almost everything they knew, and it quickly showed. The Lost Boys were dominate in both tag and multi-man matches, with Jason Silver overcoming the odds and coming back from a 3 on 1 deficit to win the Skylar Skelly Drinking Game. Under the watchful eye of the Children of Pain, there is no stopping the Lost Boys from wreaking havoc wherever they see fit. Is this newly crafted tag team the Tag Team of the Year?

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