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Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Any Way You Want It" - a blog by Mason Scheer

"Any Way You Want It"
By: Mason Scheer

On November 14, 2010, Robert Evans did what many thought was impossible. In the center
of the ring, Evans made “Showtime” Scot Summers submit to an armbar, and won the ACW
Heavyweight Championship. The reaction by the majority of the people in attendance was the


I watched the whole event unfold. With my camera pointed in the ring, my eyes were darting
across the fans. During the match, everyone was screaming and cheering. Dueling chants in
perfect rhythm. Allegiances had been made, and not a single voice was silent.

Until Showtime began tapping the mat.

In that very instant, for only a moment, the entire arena was abruptly quiet. There was no
screaming, no yelling, and no chanting. Only silence. Jaws had been dropped, and eyes had
become wide. People were confirming with those around them if they had in-fact just seen
what they thought they did. It wasn’t until the second time the words “Midnight train goin’
anywhere,” were heard over the loudspeaker that everything began to sink in. By the time the
next verse of “Don’t Stop Believin’” started, the eruption began.

Evans was stunned in the center of the ring. He couldn’t believe it either. He sat there, holding
his first Heavyweight Championship in his arms, his eyes fixed on the gold. Outside the ring,
every fan was on their feet. The longtime Robert Evans fans were jumping up and down,
hugging each other in delight that their hero finally did it. Nearly everyone else was standing,
some even on their chairs, singing along their favorite victory tune. The Showtime Crew was in
disbelief, their jaws hanging open as they shook their heads. Robert Evans took to the turnbuckle
and held the hold high over his head. For the first time in his long career, he was Champion.

And I had tears in my eyes watching it all happen in front of me.

I have not had a long career in the wrestling business. I’m still a rookie in every sense of the
word. I didn’t go to my first indy show until January of 2009. In a small auditorium in Plano,
Texas, I was one of 12 people who made up the crowd that night. My date and I made up one
entire side of the crowd. This was my first indy show ever, so the first match was the one that
would set the bar for me. The very first wrestler I ever saw came to the ring, as the music started

“Any Way You Want It”

Robert Evans was the very first wrestler I ever saw on the independent circuit. I had never seen
anything beyond what I saw on television before, and here comes this guy dressed as a superhero
to Journey. But as soon as he got into the ring, I was blown away by his ability. He set the bar for
me, and what to expect from independent wrestling. Out of the six matches on the card, he was
the only name I really remembered.

I spent that next summer seeing a lot more, and learning a lot more about the wrestlers in Texas.

I interned with a company in Denton (XCW), and started my career in the wrestling industry. I did
whatever job they gave me, from camera operator to ring announcer. I would see Robert Evans
from time to time, but I knew he had so much more to offer.

I went to my first ACW show in August of 2009. I was back in Austin for school, so this was
going to be my home promotion. The first few matches blew me away. I knew that I wanted
to be a member of ACW by the end of the Trios match between the Smurf Nation and the
Submission Squad. But the third match of the show sealed it for me, when I heard the oh-so-
familiar tune.

“Any Way You Want It”

Out comes Robert Evans to what is still one of the loudest ovations I have ever heard in my life.
I had never heard a crowd get that fired up for a single person before. I was just happy to see a
face I recognized from the few months I had been to shows. But even that match itself was on a
whole different level. He wasn’t some comedy sidekick, and he wasn’t a fool. He was comical,
but a serious and legitimate threat. Every person in the crowd ate up everything he did, and he
was by far the star of the night.

Over a year later, and Robert Evans is the new ACW Heavyweight Champion.

2010 will go down in history as one of the most emotional years for ACW. Nearly every show has a
moment that leads somebody to tears. For me, without question, seeing Evans finally win the belt
is the number one on my list.

It’s a victory for everyone out there, who just didn’t stop believing. Congratulations Robert, you
earned it.

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