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Sunday, November 28, 2010

ACW announced its first affiliate! The Birth of St. Louis Anarchy!

St. Louis has long been a town that is steep in tradition as it relates to professional wrestling. From the days of Sam Muchnick promoting the National Wrestling Alliance, to Vince McMahon introducing his brand of “sports entertainment”, and even down to the numerous independent leagues that have fought valiantly to produce potential stars for the future; the one constant is that they all understood the historical value of pro wrestling in the hearts of fans in the St. Louis region. Even today, some of these ambassadors of wrestling are still working hard to keep that tradition alive. Though different companies have come and gone, some changing names and some splinter groups, all have impacted the business in some way. Fortunately for St. Louis, most of these have done so in very positive ways.

However, the year 2010 is a much different world than it was during wrestling’s heydays. The peaks of the 1960s, 80s, and late 90s were brought about due to Wrestling at the Chase, MTV, and pushing the boundaries of content and “attitude”. However, the basic formula of a wrestling show never changed. A decade into the 21st Century, professional wrestling is at a time where the old formulas just don’t cut it anymore. Especially with an alternative like Mixed Martial Arts devouring a huge share of the market, pro wrestling needs more than a face lift; you need to look no further than Monday Night Televised wrestling to see the evidence.
The Lethal Wrestling Alliance began as a small independent organization that just wanted to entertain the paying audience. Some events were better than others, but even the casual fans left feeling like they got their money’s worth of entertainment. As years passed, the LWA became the leading brand for pro wrestling in St. Louis; always using the best talent available and regularly bringing in well known performers with national level recognition. The LWA has long been a place that not only the fans come to have a good time, but the wrestlers come to hone their craft. For seven years, it has been the place that the best wrestlers have come through, and some of the best matches have taken place.
It’s with much regret that we announce the Lethal Wrestling Alliance no longer exists. Every single person that has attended an event, wrote a review, praised us or criticized us, deserves a huge thank you. You have all shaped us and made our company better in some way. Most of all, we thank the fans of St. Louis. You have stood by us for seven years, cheered us on and made your voice heard. You gave us the encouragement to continue in times when it seemed it was completely worthless. It is also because of the fans that we are happy to make the next announcement....
Effective immediately, the owners of LWA Productions will be merging with the Texas based promotion known as Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) to bring you an all new brand of professional wrestling called, ST. LOUIS ANARCHY. Along with utilizing some of the top performers and talent in the entire country, St. Louis Anarchy will be pushing the boundaries of what a typical pro wrestling show is. Our aim is to bring attention back to this business, and possibly change some of the ways that fans think of a normal pro wrestling event!
Keep tuned in as we will be releasing a lot of information in the next few weeks regarding our first event, the signed matches, and much more!

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