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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ACW News & Notes 7-21-10

- On July 18th the fans at Mohawk witnessed Shawn Vexx compete for 20 minutes with a dislocated right elbow. This was without question the greatest show of heart & determination in Anarchy Championship Wrestling history. Then Heavyweight Champion Shawn Vexx went on to be defeated by Darin Childs for the championship. There is no time table for Shawn Vexx’ return to ACW.

- Scot Summers successfully cashed in his guaranteed championship match immediately following Darin Childs championship win. Scot Summers defeated Darin Childs in a dog collar match to become the 3x Heavyweight Champion. Summers will now defend the title against former champion Mike Dell ion August 8th. Winner is champion, loser is out of ACW. This is the biggest match in ACW history!

- As the American/Canadian Joshi Champion Portia Perez spoke about in her Interview to open From Innocence to Insanity 4, she suffered a severe back injury just before The Queen of Queens Tournament. She went on to compete in 3 matches on that night to win the tournament prior to getting medical consultation, which revealed a major injury that will put her on the shelf for an unspecified amount of time. Portia Perez will be appearing on the August 22nd event in a non-wrestling capacity to make a HUGE statement regarding the status of the American Joshi Championship. (Portia is also scheduled to appear on September 19th & October 10th, her in-ring status for those events will be announced as the dates approach. we are hoping for an October in-ring return, no promises).

- Former American Joshi Champion Rachel Summerlyn has also suffered a back injury during the tag team championship match on July 18th against the Submission Squad. Her status for August 8th is going to be a game time decision. Summerlyn will be appearing at the event even if her injury prevents her from wrestling.

- Spiro won a 4-way dance to earn a Heavyweight Championship match against either Mike Dell or Scot Summers on August 22nd.

- Chingo is wrestling on August 8th with a triceps injury as he will be teaming with JC Bravo against the Submission Squad for the ACW Tag Team Championships in a submission match.

- Robert Evans will be back in action on August 8th against international star Delirious after falling extremely ill for several weeks.

- Athena has qualified for the 2010 Lone Star Classic. There have only been 2 women to ever compete in the LSC (Rachel Summerlyn -2006 & Sara Del Rey – 2008)

- Slim Sexy also qualified for the 2010 Lone Star Classic.

- Jerry Lynn vs. Masada for the World Hardcore Championship will headline August 22nd’s Distrust, Dismay & Antisocial Behavior 2010.

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