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Saturday, February 2, 2013

news and notes

I haven’t been online much over the last few weeks, but I have caught wind of a rumor starting to make the rounds. Yes, it is true that after six years, Rachel Summerlyn is no longer involved with Anarchy Championship Wrestling. In December of 2006, Rachel was a 20 year old girl who dreamed of revolutionizing the way women in professional wrestling were viewed. With the guidance of some of the most influential women in the sport such as Daffney, Daizee Haze & Sara Del Rey, Rachel Summerlyn went from one of the most looked down upon figures on the internet to the leader of a wrestling era, the era of the American Joshi. I have never seen anyone improve as drastically as Rachel Summerlyn; I’ll always be extremely proud to have had a small hand in helping her along the way. She transformed into such a great role model for children, women & wrestlers. That’s really all she ever wanted to be, a role model. She made it.
The 20 year old girl that founded Anarchy Championship Wrestling gave so much of her mind, body & soul to the World of Anarchy; how can you really honor that in a blog posting? You do what I always have done, you shoot from the hip & pour your heart out… If the outside world could have snuck a peek into the day to day life of Rachel, they would be truly amazed at her work ethic. She sincerely gave everything she was to ACW & the Anarchists. All of her real world dreams put on hold for the sake of this company. All of her time devoted to this company. Rachel needed to move on to chase other dreams, which she will catch. This World is so much bigger than professional wrestling. She is an unstoppable force, trust me, I know her better than anyone. Wrestling can’t contain her.
Rachel Summerlyn gave everything she had to ACW. My proudest highlight in wrestling is simply knowing that the world sees Rachel the same way I always have, as one of the greatest people on the planet. She is the walking embodiment of the clichĂ© “You can do anything you put your mind to”.
We here at Anarchy Championship Wrestling will keep her dream of revolutionizing professional wrestling alive into the future while she is out conquering whatever her heart desires. We will also leave the ACW doors unlocked if she ever needs a familiar place to call home, even for a night. She has inspired anarchy & we will not let that die. She is an inspiration to so many. She is definitely an inspiration to me.

-          Darin Childs

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