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Monday, September 17, 2012

News & Notes (9-17-12)

Firstly, Thank you so much to those that sat in the rain for hours in the name of Anarchy. We love you. Thank you to all the wrestlers & staff that went through hell to entertain & create art. We Love you.

Jerry Lynn has qualified for the 2012 Lone Star Classic by defeating Robert Evans on September 16th, 2012

Scot Summers is the 4th participant announced for the 2012 Lone Star Classic.

Darin Childs is the 5th participant announced for the 2012 Lone Star Classic.

The Tag Team Championships are now being held by The Business under the rule that any 2 members of The Business can defend the titles on any given night.

Jordan Jensen is no longer employed by Anarchy Championship Wrestling

Announced for Guilty by Association 7 on January 20th, 2013 will be Jerry Lynn’s final ACW match as he faces his protégé Scot Summers.

Speaking of Scot Summers, The main Event of Beyond Good & Evil will be Scot Summers wrestling Jaykus Plisken for the ACW Heavyweight Championship.

Kyle Hawk who debuted against JC Bravo on September 16th, will be awarded a spot on the ACW roster after an extremely impressive outing.

Much love to ACH for his Ring of Honor debut on Sunday 15th.

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