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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

News & Notes: 2-8-12

 News & Notes: 

-      -  Portia Perez will be out of action for several months while she deals with an ankle injury & personal matters. 

-      -   Following the 2-19-12 event, ACW will return to Hooligans on March 18th, 2012.

-       -  Peace, Love & Anarchy has been moved up a week to 4-15-12 as a solid to fine folks at Mohawk.

-       -  We’d like to say Thank you to the 5 years of blood, sweat and tears that Berry Breeze gave in the name of Anarchy. As you know Berry’s career ended at GBA 6; he was an anarchist from the very first event.

-       -  Matthew Palmer uncrowned MASADA as the World Hardcore Champion at GBA 6. MASADA held the title for an unprecedented 815 days. 

-        -  Jessica James has not contacted the ACW office since the return of Lady Poison.
-          As JT LaMotta announced, 2012 will be his last year in the professional wrestling business. It’ll be a hell of a year. 

-         - Awesome Andy worked out for WWE agents & officials in Oklahoma this weekend.
-          St. Louis Anarchy returns to Granite City, Illinois on 2-25-12

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