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Smart Mark Video
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

2 exclusive variant cover editions of the 2011 Queen of Queens DVD

The 3rd Annual
American Joshi
Queen of Queens

Before the event is released anywhere else, we are offering 2 exclusive variant cover editions of the DVD featuring Portia Perez and Mia Yim! Only 10 copies will be sold of each & they are guaranteed to sell out fast!

$20 + $1.50 Shipping & handling! 

1st round matches:
Mia Yim vs. Portia Perez
Christina Von Eerie vs. Rachel Summerlyn
Athena vs. Lillie Mae
Amanda Fox vs. Serena Deeb

+ The Semi & final rounds!

Non-tournament action:
ACW Heavyweight Championship
Darin Childs w/ Angel Blue vs. Davey Vega

The Takeover vs. Masada, Summers & ACH

JT LaMotta vs. Jessica James

& a special appearance from Daffney!

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