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Thursday, August 26, 2010

News & Notes 8-27-10

News & Notes 8-27-10

- Skylar Skelly has returned to ACW & the Children of Pain as of August 22nd, 2010

- The Man who destroyed Scot Summers on June 13th, Franco D’Angelo will make his ACW debut very shortly.

- “One Man” Mike Dell lost on August 8th and is no longer an active performer, but will be staying with ACW in a non-wrestling role.

- Rachel Summerlyn debuted for Ring of Honor on August 20th & 21st at the company’s HDnet tapings. Her debut will be on an upcoming episode of ROH on HDnet.

- Scot Summers debuted for the IWF in Mexico City by defeating Halloween on August 19th

- Jimmy Jacobs will be the first former winner of the Lone Star Classic to have a chance to repeat, as the 2008 winner has been added to the list of participants in the 2010 LSC.

- Davey Vega has also been entered into the 2010 Lone Star Classic Tournament

- Matthew Palmer qualified for the 2010 Lone Star Classic by defeating JT Lamotta on August 22nd

- Nicole Matthews no showed/no called ACW on August 22nd after her flight was purchased costing ACW the money for her flight. She was to be brought in as a special surprise to make up for Portia Perez’ injury. She will not be offered any further bookings from ACW.

- Portia Perez is expected to return on September 19th from her back injury.

- Shawn Vexx’ dislocated elbow is healing faster than originally anticipated. He should be able to return to in-ring action before the end of 2010

- Junior Garza is currently suffering from a rib injury that occurred on August 8th.

- Athena is set to debut on the Shimmer pre-show in Berwyn, Illinois on September 11th & 12th

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