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Sunday, June 6, 2010

a blog from the New ACW American Joshi Champion Athena

Below is a blog sent to the ACW Office from the New ACW American Joshi Champion Athena...

As your new ACW American Joshi Champion I feel as if I need to say a few

First of all I would like to thank myself for discovering that Rachel
Summerlyn was putting the Joshi title on the line on a road show against
Lillie Mae.... again. If failing to grant me another one-on-one shot for
the Joshi Championship wasn't bad enough, Ms. "Strong Style Diva" would
rather give an opportunity to a woman(so says her birth certificate) that
classifies a pig as a family member. It makes me sick that an international
superstar such as Summerlyn would be so cowardice. Of course I understand
why she would be intimidated, I was extremely close to taking the title away
from her the first time she put the Joshi Championship on the line and she
was more than likely concerned with securing a lengthy reign as Joshi

Second, Although Evan Gelistico hasn't taught him to read; I would like to
thank Davey Vega...well not really Vega, but his wallet that he left
just laying in his dresser. Because without it, my airplane ticket, rental
car, hotel, food, 4 red box movies I’ve yet to return, and the paying of the
promoter to get in the match would have prevented me from winning the Joshi
title. But wait you can only benefit from me winning the Joshi Championship,
it officially make your Joshi training legit I mean after all you are being
taught by the Champion....Suck It Vega.

Last, but Defiantly Most Important: The 2010 American Joshi Queen of Queens
There are a lot of people that think I won’t get past the first round, there
are even more that believe that I shouldn't be in the tournament all
together. But let me tell "you people" something you don't know anything
about me. I am a native of St. Louis where people aren't afraid to get down
and dirty to come out on top. So bring on the death ray, the zombie, the
haze, the ninjas, the strong style diva, and St. Louis' own MsChif,
because I’m not going anywhere.

Hate, chaos, and anarchy

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