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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Peace, Love & Anarchy Results

Peace, Love & Anarchy 2010
April 18th, 2010
Austin, Texas

Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay, Junior Garza & Athena defeated JC Bravo, Khris Wolfe, James Claxton, Just Willie & Lillie Mae

Following the match the Submission Squad of Pierre Abernathy Challenged The Smurf Nation to a Texas Bullrope match for the ACW Tag Team Championship Belts.

Scot Summers & Jerry Lynn defeated The Dynasty of Perfection, Slim Sexy & Chris Conine, Nathan Sinn & Danny Gee and Vince Vile & Brother Luther w/ Reverend Kevin Danger

This started as a tag team 4-way dance until Summers & Lynn hit the ring and destroyed and pinned all 4 teams. After their victory, Lynn & Summers declared themselves the greatest tag team in ACW history as well as sending a message to Darin Childs.

Darin Childs Submitted Matt Fitchett w/ Brent Masters

Childs used much of Scot Summers’ patented offence including using a choke-out to defeat the young highflyer, Matt Fitchett

ACH pinned Awesome Andy

This was scheduled to be the 4-way dance for the vacant U-30 Championship. Robert Evans came to the ring to announce that ACH was no longer going to battle for the U-30 Championship as he was going to be facing an opponent of Evans Choice. Awesome Andy returned to ACW by attacking ACH from behind which lead to an impromptu match. ACH squeaked out a win, but was then demolished by an intense Awesome Andy.

Portia Perez beat Jessica James

Portia Perez was accompanied to the ring by Robert Evans & Super-Electro. Following Perez’ win, the power couple “Perevans” closed in for their first kiss as Davey Vega’s music hit leading into our next match.

Robert Evans defeated Davey Vega to win the previously vacant U-30 Championship for the 3rd time.

Before the night began this match was announced as Evans vs. Vega vs. Chingo vs. ACH. ACH was injured by Awesome Andy earlier in the night & Davey Vega announced that Chingo had “car trouble” which leads one to assume the Submission Squad may have a little bit to do with Chingo’s absence.

Jerry Lynn & Scot Summers defeated Masada & Jaykus Plisken

Jerry Lynn pinned The World Hardcore Champion Masada. This match gave you everything you’d expect, great mat wrestling, insane submissions & barbwire. All 4 men brought an extremely high level of intensity. Definite “big match feel”.

Mike Dell won a 3-way Dance by eliminating both Matthew Palmer & Spiro

The Mohawk crowd erupted for the return of “The Centerfold” Matthew Palmer who was injured on December 20th by Mike Dell. Dell pinned Spiro via questionable means, which started a war of words between the two. As Palmer was about to capitalize, Spiro reluctantly helped Dell get the victory. The Palmer vs. Dell war is far from over as are the issues between Dell & Spiro.

Rachel Summerlyn retained the American Joshi Championship against Daizee Haze

This was an incredible back and forth match-up between two of the most talented female wrestlers in the country. Daizee Haze was making her first appearance in ACW since winning the inaugural American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament on June 21st, 2009. Summerlyn finished off Haze with a Gory Bomb seemingly out of nowhere. This match could have gone either way.

Shawn Vexx retained the ACW Heavyweight Championship by defeating JT Lamotta

JT Lamotta was clearly affected by the not overly supportive crowd & it may have been his downfall. As Shawn Vexx was celebrating his victory, Junior Garza attacked him from behind. Standing over Vexx, Garza removed his jacket to reveal the name of his younger brother Julio Garza that was forced out of ACW for 12 months at Nothing is as Real as a Dream on May 17th, 2009.

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